client testimonials


"I have been working with Ryan for over a year. My strength and fitness level has improved dramatically. He has individualized my program and I am getting way more from my work outs. I eat better and have learned so much from him about nutrition and fitness. His professionalism and knowledge is exceptional.  I am 60 years old and have never been in such good shape as I am now. I would recommend Ryan to anyone no matter what age or level of fitness they are at."

- Nancy

"Depression from a broken ankle and turning 50 made me realize I needed to change my ways from being a couch potato to embracing fitness and its associated lifestyle.  Sports were never part of my life and past attempts at joining a gym failed miserably.  I didn’t have the focus or determination.  I figured I needed help so enlisted Ryan Hawkes to guide me in my transformation.  My first meeting with Ryan was to get help with a nutrition plan.  I instantly felt comfortable with Ryan.  He was not judgmental and I was so impressed by his level of knowledge that he willingly shared in that first meeting.  I realized that Ryan is so well rounded in the entire fitness and wellness lifestyle that I should also hire him as my personal trainer.  Someone like Ryan is what I needed to transform my entire life including both fitness and nutrition.  I have been under Ryan's guidance now for 14 months and the changes are incredible for me.  I see my body transforming which continuously motivates me to continue on this path.  Ryan guides me through intense workouts while sharing his knowledge on how  the muscles work which helps me understand what I am doing and get more benefit from the exercise.  The nutrition plan Ryan crafted for me takes the guesswork out of trying to come up with the proper food intake.  It is manageable and realistic and takes into account my daily activities.  Ryan’s attitude is always positive and he makes you want to succeed and learn more from him.  I am grateful to have found Ryan and look forward to continuing down this road to a better life with his help."

 - Norm

I started working with Ryan about 4 years ago after my husband bought a package and could no longer use the sessions. I was a little nervous going back to the gym after being diagnosed with a heart condition and starting back with a trainer who was also a bodybuilder. After meeting Ryan and surviving my first few sessions with him, I began looking forward to my workouts and started feeling more confident in myself and less nervous about my health issues. 

Over the years Ryan has been a great motivator and helped me not only with my physical fitness, but also my nutrition, self confidence, and overall health and well-being. My goals have changed over the years, and Ryan has helped me meet them and keeps my workouts engaging and pushing me to reach my goals. He listens to what I want to achieve and designs workouts that produce results. Ryan has really opened my eyes to the fitness world and now I have the confidence to go into the gym and workout on my own when I am not training with Ryan. 

He has a passion for what he does and this is very evident in his training. He makes working out fun and not like a chore. I would highly recommend Ryan as a personal trainer.

- Katie